Aluminum profile for led edge lighting 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 1 meter black or silver

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This is a Heavy Duty and very rigid 
Aluminum profile for edge lighting ¼ thick (6mm) glass or acrylic.
Two colors are available silver or painted black.
Fits most LED strips up to 1/2 inch wide.
This can be used on 1 side or 2 sides or all 4 sides of your glass or acrylic for framing &
Lighting of etched or engraved glass & acrylic
Great for signage & Displays.
Sold by the foot or up to 1 meter long (39.37 inches).

What you get is 1 aluminum profile in the length you purchase &
2 adjustable screw & nut sets. ( 1 & 2 foot lengths ) or

3 adjustable screw & nut sets. ( 3 foot or 1 meter lengths )
2 end caps ( color matched to your aluminum strip )

Also installed on both sides is a sealing gasket tape.
Example: for 1 foot long profile
Install your glass or acrylic to stop at the first extrusion step as this keeps the glass or acrylic from touching the strip.
(Make sure glass or acrylic is clean from grease or oil before installation to improve profile grip!)
Then install screw set with center to center distance of a maximum 6.5 inches.
Start adjusting each little by little to keep an even grip
(Do not over tighten as you may break the glass or acrylic, you just need to get a good snug grip on your glass or acrylic).
Remember adjust each one a little at a time to keep the grip equal.
We can make custom signs in acrylic if needed just contact us at funthings4u.
We make all types of signs in single & double sided which uses 2 x 1/8 thick sheets and a center solid color.
We also make chaser color design lamps in many styles.
Come visit us and take a look.
Install your LED strip centered on glass as close to center of glass or acrylic as possible.
If you purchased the hanging kit:
Install each one approximately 1 inch from each end.
If installing outdoors make sure you seal your sign up from getting water inside.
And install each hanging kit inside each screws set as this will prevent it from coming out during windy conditions.
Note:  Not recommended for use outdoors.
Safety thoughts:
Hanging something from above you need to be careful as you do not want any accidents having something fall is dangerous.  Safety first!
Approximate size: 29/32 x 1 3/8 (23.1mm x 34.2mm) length as ordered.
More pictures and variations may be available from our site at
With LEDs installed kits.
Accessories we sell to go with this profile are:
End caps sold in pairs
Colors black or silver
Extra screw sets sold in pairs
& hanging sign hardware kits also sold in pairs.